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Water extraction caused by flooding to your home or office, removal and replacement of padding and carpets, deodorizing, sanitizing, treatment to help prevent mildew and disinfecting of all affected areas. Dehumidifiers and high powered blowers are used to dry out damaged area.

Carpet repair and Installation on Long Island are among the services we can provide. We can help even if you need to remove and replace an area of carpeting. If you require the stretching of carpet that has loosened from the edges, or purchasing and installing of new carpet, Z-Best Maintenance & Cleaning located in Floral Park NY can assist you with your needs.


Long Island Water Damage Restoration Company
For fast water extraction Long Island NY, water removal, water cleanup and air quality services, call Z-Best and talk directly to a supervisor 24 hours a day. We’ll dispatch a crew to get your home or business up and running as soon as possible.

Flooding can make life troublesome and confusing. You don’t have a clue who to call when your home floods, or what to do to get water out of your house or dry out a flooded house. Flood restoration and cleanup is not something that you can deal with totally independent from anyone else with trust. You will need to have an expert whom you trust to promptly go to your home, take an exhaustive look all around your home – including your attic, basement, and crawl space – and provide you a free estimate with the goal that the work to get everything again to ordinary can start quickly. We can remove water from wet carpet and do wood floor drying and hardwood floor drying to restore them to pre-disaster condition.

No matter if the cause is a leaky or broken pipe, washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator malfunction, a sewer line back up or break, or a sink or toilet overflow, call Z-Best to Dry it Fast! We’ll handle all your storm damage and window board ups as well. We understand the importance to you and your family in having your home’s water damage cleanup handled quickly and completely. And we know how much cleanup time can cost if your business is shut down.


Call us any day, at any time, and we will answer our own phones and talk to you to answer your questions and get help on the way immediately. Z-Best is your company for water removal, clean up, and restoration.


Water Cleanup and Removal in Long Island NY
Z-Best is Long Island’s water restoration company. We have dried out many homes and businesses on Long Island area because we are able to respond quickly to emergency calls for flooded homes and businesses.

When you have water damage from sources such as broken pipes or malfunctioning hot water heaters, the last thing you need is more hassles. You need a top rated company who will completely clean up the mess, dry you out, and even deal with your insurance company for you. You need Z-Best Maintenance & Cleaning for all your flood damage cleanup and repair.

We Take Care of Your Flood and Sewage Damage Cleanup
What can be saved and what must be replaced depends on: the source of the water, the length of time the materials have been wet; and what drying equipment and techniques are used. If the source of the water is from a sewage line, all porous materials must be replaced for health concerns. But if the water is from a ruptured water line or overflowing sink or washing machine, most structural materials can be successfully dried out, but time is of the essence. The longer a material is wet, the more it degrades and the more likely there is to be microbial growth. A flooded hardwood floor may be already showing some signs of damage such as a raised grain and some warping, but if the drying process is begun soon enough the flooring can go back to its original form. Carpet drying is essential as to prevent a breeding ground for mold. However, if anything remains wet for too long, the damage becomes irreversible.

For immediate help with flooding damage
or water damage restoration, contact Z-BEST at: 
Nassau (516) 217-8110 or Suffolk (631) 997-0800 

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