the Importance Of DuCtless Mini Split System Cleaning and Maintenance:

All Mini Split Ductless systems, whether they are just AC units , or a combination of Heat & AC, require regular, periodic cleaning and maintenance to stay in top working condition. Failure to maintain Mini-Split units, can result in underperformance, poor air quality and premature failure. The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to ductless/min-split systems. Any professional who works with ductless regularly has seen issues that could have been easily prevented by proper maintenance procedures.


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The key to proper maintenance results is to follow procedures that improve the equipment condition.  By properly maintaining these systems, it will improve the following:

Indoor Air Quality – Cleaner coils & blower wheels leads to cleaner air by removing dirt and microbial growth before it becomes an Indoor Air Quality Issue.

Energy Efficiency – Clean & well-maintained systems produce more BTUs per input watt.  Tis leads to savings on your utility bill.

System Performance (Comfort) – On ductless systems, dirt on the coils and blower wheel can quickly lead to poor output, temperature and humidity control.

System Longevity – Proper maintenance can extend system life by catching impending issues and dealing with problems that can cause abnormal wear. 
Z-Best Maintenance & Cleaning will properly clean all Wall Mounted Mini Split Ductless Systems in both Residential and Commercial Spaces. 

Commercial Businesses Spaces include but limited too:
Retail Stores
Senior Living Developments
Community Spaces


Ductless Mini Split Service and Maintenance Long Island
Schedule a service call or a preventive maintenance. Certified technician will diagnose your ductless mini split system, and offer professional repair estimate


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